The Battle of Truth:


The Battle of Truth has begun between two hard and competitive Lego Wars players and sides (Sith vs. Rebels). The battle rages on in an amazing melee between jedi and dark jedi, and a shootout for the rest of the troops fighting eachother to see who will be the last group standing. This was a huge and memorable battle for Lego Wars.


The battle raged on for a number of hours. Each Lego Wars player had to take turns moving their Lego soldiers around and strategically fight the other player. The rules are somewhat complicated, but in the longrun, having a Lego Wars battle and compete against another player is challenging and still considered by most players just fun.


Above, right, you can see some familiar characters from the minifigs page. Of course these characters are special enough to the Rebels that they can’t be harmed, even if they are some of the most fierce characters in the game.


Not only can you use tanks, troops, and combat ships, but you can also use Bionicles in the Lego Wars battles against others. The above, right picture shows Darth Vader and only some of his guards in this battle. The picture unfortunately turned out a little blurry.

This photo of the battle is a great shot because it focusses down the corridor that the Rebels used to travel through to sneak up and ambush the Sith. Luckily the player controlling the Sith in this battle had a plan to set a diversion for the Rebels to follow. In the Rebels attempt to ambush the Sith by sneaking through this corridor led them to making a huge mistake costing them the battle.


Battle Scene 2 - Enemy Lines' View

Battle Scene 1 – Bird’s Eye View

Battle Scene 1 - Bird's Eye View
Battle Scene 2 – Enemy Lines’ View

The Imperial invasion on the kingdom of Rohan has been stalled. It may turnout that there is no invasion. The troops of Rohan grow weary. They have stood in their posts for nine days. “The troops are restless, I can feel their patience draining away” says Jedi Master Si-Fust.


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