Shielding and Shielding Enhancers

Shield Enhancers

There are very few shield enhancers that have been allowed in LegoWars. Some examples of ones that presently exist are pieces that either have a “Flaming Asteroid”, a “Gray Gate”, or a “Metal Moon” on top of the round piece. All of these pieces allow you to have a third layer of shielding for your vehicle or aircraft. Warning: shield enhancer’s only work when they are together with a piece that creates shielding. Enhancers are useless when they are alone.In the “voted in rules” shields have certain unique pieces. How they work will be described now. Shields protect you and surround you from anything else that’s separate from you. One brick of shielding can only protect one regular Lego road base-plate, Lego green base-plate, and Lego water base-plate. Any terrain or large gray base-plate takes two shielding pieces to protect. All vessels, aircraft or vehicles follow the same routine and can have level 1 shielding with one shielding brick, and even up to double shielding with two shielding bricks. Of course you can also add the shielding enhancer to the Lego creation to make it a third level of shielding.

shielding4.gif shielding2.gif

Crystals and Energy Orbs:

These pieces of shielding automatically supply a full over shielding on a Lego unit. These items are especially handy when it comes to using them for any one of your Lego battle units. A crystal can be worth the same power as two of the regular shielding bricks combined.
There are also shielding helmets that can be worn by any Lego person, which provides a strong single layer of shielding around the person.

How do you Break Through Shielding?

It’s quite simple as long as you have the proper destructive items such as bombs, any explosives, artillery, tanks, mechanized infantry (AI, artificial intelligence), RPG’s, rockets, or some types of explosive rounds from handheld weaponry. To look for some types of shielding look for rock raider crystals, insectoids energy orbs and shielding helmets, and simple clear or color tinted 2 by 2 bricks.

Types of Heroes

Kings – Are a lower end type of hero. They are skilled at fighting, maximum level is out at a medium to high-level commander combat skill. Kings base most of their importance on ruling their kingdom and commanding their armies.

War Heroes – Are powerful, strong, make smart choices in combat and can be trusted. These are the most reliable people to get the job done.

Wizards – They get the battle rattled up with magic. Wizards are sometimes able to strike down large powerful people or objects. Their skill is with magic and some decent sword combat skill.

Jedi – Are very weak in strength, but their power lies in the power of the force, which can sometimes be comparable to wizards.

Emperors – Are powerful in overruling government. Emperors are very similar to a king. Emperors come with a secret defense power while they are alive.

Ranger Heroes – Use their skill in marksmanship to accomplish their strike on their target. Some prefer powerful weaponry and can sometimes be used as assassins.

Each hero has normally a preferred weapon.

Names of Heroes

  • The Legend
  • Borimir (deceased)
  • Faramir
  • Aragorn
  • Legolas (deceased)
  • Gimli (deceased)
  • Frodo (deceased)
  • Sam (deceased)
  • Gandalf
  • Obi-Wan
  • Luke Skywalker
  • Yoda
  • Clice
  • King Alex
  • King Joshua
  • Ranger One
  • Ranger Two
  • Jedi Joshua
  • Jedi Reto
  • Anakin Skywalker (almost deceased)
  • Robot Darth Vader
  • Mage Roth
  • Chewbacca

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