History of Lego Wars

Lego Wars started out in the medieval ages. After many years hero’s formed to protect their nation. There were two major cities; they were Gondor and Rohan. Today only Rohan exists. Soon after these two cities were built, the Samurai formed a nation along with the outlier pirates.

The Lord of the Samurai soon formed peace with the two major nations leaders. Their names are Alex the Brave and Strategic and Joshua the Wise and Strong. Soon after the orcs formed their own nation. Their leader: the fearful Sauron the Feared; who gained power by slaying his enemies and the all so powerful ring. Rohan, Gondor, and the Samurai spent many long years protecting their nations and obliterating their enemies. The three nations became strong with trained armies and wise leaders.

Those long happy years came to an end when a revolt was caused. It was caused by the murder of Borimir. His killer is named Jack Soth, a trained assassin. Soth led the first step to corrupting Gondor. This led to Rohan getting involved because of the death of one of their hero’s. Jack Soth was one of the great revolt leaders that led the orcs to a number of victories against Gondor and Rohan. During this revolution, Rohan risked its nation by sending its entire army and king to protect the destruction of its brother nation.

In the next century the orcish armies decreased in numbers due to the number of crusades they attempted this led to the Star Wars Age.

The Star Wars Age

  • 3010: Gondor is captured by the Sith Emperor Palpatine.
  • 3012: Rohan fights a great war with the orcs to protect their nation until 3013.
  • 3015: what is left of Gondor becomes part of the rebellion.
  • 3016: the rebels left in the city of Gondor drive out the Sith along with their leader.
  • 3020: the Sith move back into Gondor forcing a small band of rebels to flee the city.
  • 3026: the sith become operational in Gondor leading to the major decline of Gondor.
  • 3030: the Sith expand their empire and successfully to attempt to hook online all military defined operations.
  • 3032: King Alex is captured along with a number of his skilled rebels.
  • 3035: The present time, advancements have been made between the two nations, the Sith and Rohan become engaged in an everlasting war leading to the first battle, the Battle of Truth.

Cities of Lego Wars:

The bottom of the history page will now also be the page where you can see the cities that are in the game of Lego Wars.

Below shows the western side of the Sith colony, Black Crown City.


Top right, you can see two vulture droids that are standing as guards. In the picture above that’s on the top left, you can see a small fortress that is a stronghold for the western part of the city. Whenever there’s an attack on the Black Crown City, one of the places the soldiers would go is to run into the fortress and defend their city from there. More pictures of Black Crown City will be of the Eastern side of the city.

The main and original Sith City will soon be on this page, along with the Rebel City.


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