Lego Wars Models

Below you can see a Sith platoon (a large group of troops) that is being inspected by the dark lord Darth Vader. This is normally a check-up done to every Sith army to organize and prepare their army or armies for immense combat before every battle.

 img_0012.jpg  img_0010.jpg  img_0015.jpg

Darth Vader- “It’s a good thing that all your troops are organized commander, if they weren’t I would not be sure that you would be alive around me right now.”


Shown below is a powerful tank that is owned by the Sith. It’s almost indestructible by any explosive or laser canon. It has armor thick enough to withstand about 5 to 6 large laser canon shots on the sided of the vehicle. On the front of the vehicle there’s a mini-gun, large caliber machine-gun, two turbo canons on the sides of the vehicle and an atillery gun on the top of the tank.

img_0020.jpg  img_0018.jpg  img_0022.jpg

This tank or “moving fortress” also has a tractor beam (used to capture jets, planes, or anything that flies) on the top next to a well fortified space that is excellent to use for placing troops on the tank. The front of the tank along with the sides and back of the vehicle is armored almost to the ground to prevent grenades and some mines from slipping underneath and exploding. The front of this tank is also great as a battering ram that can be used to blast down gates or walls.

img_0021.jpg  img_0024.jpg  

Finally the back of the tank has a blast door (a very strong, almost unbreakable door) That is used to guard the inside of the vehicle. The last picture shows a Sith programmed robot that controls and drives the tank from the inside. Last, the tank has a mine dropper in the back to dump remote bombs while it’s driving. This mobile battle-station can almost fight it’s own battles.

The all-terrain tank above has a large mini-gun that can shoot up to 30 shots per second. In addition to the accessories on the tank, on the back you can see two medium-sized anti-aircraft guns, (two large laser cannons). This vehicle has two levels of shielding and a shielding enhancer. See Lego Wars’s guide page for further reading on shielding enhancers. This all-terrain tank came from a small Sith city that is named Black Crown City.


This massive vehicle is considered to be one of the largest Lego sets around that travels with tank tracks instead of wheels at the bottom of the vessel. It is an armored and very sturdy Lego set and at the same time, a perfect Lego Wars set to use against your enemies. This giant vehicle is called a Sandcrawler and is a Star Wars Lego set. You could see the comparison in size to a Lego person how large it really is. This set can also be considered a large tank and can be turned into a large Land Assault Cruiser (LAC). The Sith in Lego Wars has also captured this vehicle and will be soon used against the Rebellion. The back has a knob that can be twisted to turn the Axel and angle the wheels. The picture that’s showing the top of the crawler can let you see how much space you have to place people and other small weapons/accessories on the roof of the vehicle. This is a must buy Lego set. It is also possible that this set isn’t being sold anymore. You can check at and hopefully you could find it there.

The B-Wing Fighter


Above are pictures that show the unique B-Wing fighter. This B-Wing fighter is actually owned and controlled by the Sith at this moment. This B-Wing that’s owned by the Sith at this time is being stored and now is ready to engage in battle if there is a Rebel attack at the Sith colony named Black Crown City.


Another ship that’s from Black Crown City is the Sith Stun Interceptor (SSI). This custom-designed ship can actually stun or shut down other enemy ships computer systems that are on board and basically fry the circuits. The SSI is controlled at the moment by basic Sith droids and can otherwise be driven by people. This ship also has a nice mini-gun that can be used to attack land, air, or sea units. You might see a Rebel emblem on part of this ship, next to the mini-gun, keep in mind that it’s a strategy that’s used to trick your enemies.

It’s a rule in the game of Lego Wars that you can trick the other side your challenging (Rebels/Sith) just by altering the looks of a ship or tank, etc. but if the other player during a battle notices that your ship, tank, etc. is fooling their army and they notice that you have a tank entering their territory is not on their side (you have to have a reason/proof to show that it’s mainly a spy unit) you then can capture ofr destroy it. You can switch your enemies flag with yours, or uniform, even with a Sith or Rebel symbol an use it to fool your opponent.

If no-one ever knows who’s side the unit was on during the battle and you were secretly controlling it, you can spy on the your enemies units. There are many ways to get caught while spying.

Coming soon: A full layout of a complete star destroyer! Pictures of Black Crown City, and large Star Wars Lego sets coming your way.


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