Rebels Return

As the War between the Sith and Rebellion continues, more military units are built. Between the empire and the rebels they have been asking their neighboring cities to engage with them to try to fight each other in what seems to be a war based entirely on strategy and having allies by your side.

At this point of time, there are only five major cities still standing and ready to engage in the war to see which side is stronger than the other.

Anyone that has their own opinion about which side should win, the Empire (Sith) or the rebels, or if you have a preffered side you like more than the other please feel free to leave a comment.

The Rebels have been able to succeed in pushing back the sith over a number of battles resulting in the cost of thousands of Lego Wars Credits (money). In addition they created a large Assault Police Vehicle capable of transporting a fair amount of troops, police, and swat units.  Below are some pictures of what could be considered an almost unstoppable attack tank that is fully equipped with weapons and completely shielded.

    img_0001.jpg  img_0008.jpg  img_0006.jpg

    img_0005.jpg  img_0004.jpg  img_0002.jpg

    img_0003.jpg  This is the back of the police assult vehicle. This section transports and can move up to 20 police officers or five motorcycles and about 10 other police officers all at once. This rebel vehicle still has its own weaknesses, but it can make an impression to any army on a battlefield.


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