Spells                                                 Magic Wand

#        Cost to Cast Spell
1.        6 points      Roboto-  Creates a tornado 
2.        7 points      Zombres-  makes the dead arise to form an army 
3.        3 points      Blades of fury-  shoots a cluster of swords towards a target 
4.        4 points      Attacken-nul-  makes 5 units resistant to arrows and electric 
5.        5 points      Anti-attack-  freezes 5 or less soldiers 
6.        6 points      Skeletol-  makes dead alive again 
7.        3 points      De-spell-  undoes any spell 
8.        3 points      Flame Sword-  shoots fireballs from a sword 
9.        3 points      Ice Sword-  shoots ice from a sword 
10.      5 points      Prayer of strength-  upgrades shielding by one level 
11.      3 points     Lethblaka-  (good spell) makes round shield hover 

Crystals, energy orbs, and shielding pieces are the only types of lego pieces that can be used for casting spells in the game. A crystal holds 10 spell points, energy orbs have 5 spell points, and regular shielding has only 3 to maximum 4 spell casting points. You must also have a staff or wand.


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