Cities Page

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The new cities page will actually be attached to the History page of this blog and will show all of the cities that exist in Lego Wars at this time. Black Crown City, the orginal Sith City, and the Rebels City are among the top three that will be shown at the lower part of the History page.

Other suburbs and outposts will be shown along with the cities soon!!!!


New Major Battle

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Check the Battles Page for details on a Lego Wars Battle between two Lego Wars players that changed the outcome for the Sith and is now making the Rebels fall back and retreat. The attempt by the Rebels to ambush the Sith again has finally stopped, but the Rebellion is still not even close to surrendering. “My platoon of Rebels will hopefully not lose like this again.” – Lego Wars player that controlled the Rebellion during The Battle of Truth.

If interested, please leave a comment on whoes side you’re on, Rebels or Sith.

The Return of the Rebels and the Retreat by the Sith

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A small party of rebels in a forest waiting to ambush any Sith that come by their path.

Lately the conflict beteen the Rebels and the Sith hasn’t ended and will  not end for a long time. Rebels have increased in their numbers and have encountered the Sith in some minor skirmishes leading to more destruction of the powerful empire controlled by the Emperor Palpatine.

New Spells Page

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We hope you like our new spells page. They can only be used by wizards or mages.

This page has just been updated.

Droid Fighter

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Getting back to you guys, this is our newly designed droid fighter. Be sure to leave us some comments about what you think of it. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

This is a view of the front of the fighter. The orange laser cannons can break through shielding. The ship is controlled by a small droid. It can also be called the M-Wing.
This was taken during a space battle against the Rebellion and the Imperials on Bakura. (Refer to The Truce At Bakura by Kathy Tyers.)
This is a picture of the underside of the ship.

Weapon Upgrades

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Jedi Joshua’s forces were upgraded! Thanks to Brickarms we were able to upgrade this army with the Arsenal Weapons pack. Now Jedi Joshua’s army is more powerful. A picture of his new squads can be found in the Minifigs section on February 17th.

Solitaire Minifig

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Solitaire Minifigure
“I’m an evil brute!”
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Lego Bond

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